From Luxury to Necessity


October 15, 2017

When a buyer walks into a staged home, their eyes light up and they see the possibility of their life in this property. Real estate agents believe staging a home not only decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market, but also increases the selling price. In a staged property buyers envision themselves living in the property; it allows buyers to visualize the property as their home. Staging can transform a house into the type of home that is demanded and desired in this market.

Staging is not limited to renting furniture for two weeks of showings. Photoshoot styling services are a great tool for listing the property in the best light for less money. This type of staging involves prepping and photographing staged living areas to be featured on the online listing. Many, if not most, homebuyers are beginning their search online. Having professional photographs with professional staging can draw a buyer to the open house.

Staged Family Room with Fireplace and Color Coordination

Staged Kitchen with Incredible Fixture, Well Placed Fruit and Plants

“While there are many benefits to staging, these benefits do not come free. Staging companies can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars depending on the size of the home, desired outcome, property’s current condition and whether the property is vacant or occupied. If you are interested in staging your home but don’t have a large budget to work with there are three rooms you should focus on: the kitchen, the master bedroom and the living room.”

Beautiful Blue and White Palette – Contrasting to Dark Hand Rails and Stairs

Growing up, we were told that a first impression is often a lasting impression. This phrase holds true today in the real estate market. The Real Estate Staging Association found that buyers decided within eight seconds of seeing the home if they like it or not. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for a list of staging companies and prepare to see your house in its absolute best light!