Small Yard
Big Statement


July 30, 2017

There are two types of people in this world – those who like condominiums, and those who like sprawling colonials. Obviously, this is a simplification, but dichotomies can be found everywhere in real estate: ranchers vs. multiple levels, pools vs. concrete, finished basement vs. storage space. The test stands true for the outside of your home as well; not everyone dreams of a lush and luxurious backyard. Some buyers prefer a postage-stamp lawn or a small patch of land for a modest vegetable garden. No matter the size of green you are dealing with, the following tips can help turn your small space into a big statement.

Decluttering is the name of the game when it comes to small outdoor spaces. Be mindful of the number of chairs you place around a table, and ensure that plants do not block any pathways or architectural features of the home. The key is to not make a small space feel smaller, so remember the mantra, less is more.


Mirror Mirror on the Fence
Reflections enable a smaller space to feel larger by reflecting light and making the space feel more open. Choose an outdoor-friendly mirror to post on an exterior wall. What makes an outdoor friendly mirror? There is no right or wrong answer, but ensuring the mirror does not rust, hanging the mirror above eye-level, and choosing shapes that mimic real world windows are good places to start. And when it comes to location of the mirror, try to reflect a tree or other wonderful greenery, not a brick wall or chair.


“Let there be light!  If you have a walkway in your backyard, light the way for guests with small solar lights. Outdoor lighting is a very easy way to enhance your landscaping and showcase the entry back into your home. Lights pointed at tree and planting beds create a soothing glow outside.”


Extend the Indoors Out
Living space is a huge draw to a backyard – you are allowed to move from inside to out, while still feeling at home. To let the inside shine out, match colors from the inside of the home to cushions and outdoor throw pillows. The matching creates a cohesiveness that will guide guests outside for relaxing.  Don’t hesitate to incorporate an outdoor rug to make the space feel like a room. A seamless transition from inside to out will make your entire property feel like home!

Extend the Indoors Out